10 Reasons to hold Bitcoin


indeed for the present time, it’s better to hold a coin or add to the coin. making sales is not very good.
it turns out your reference token is a lot.


Yeah, when cheaper tokens and coins’s price are increased, you are at a much leveraged position plus you are holding more than if in btc. It is a good strategy if you what to gain from your investments. However, you got to choose worthy and substantial projects too. There have been projects with cheap price but have not moved yet or the development is as as slow as a turtle. Sometimes, holding in btc compensates this, the time you hold your alt. We know time is precious in terms of crypto. But if the altcoin you are holding can give your benefit in a shorter period and in constant manner, then it is much better. In the current situation of the market, we all look forward to recover our unrealized loss, if any. Hopefully soon.


We all learn from mistakes. I lost a huge amount after Jan but recovered almost 50% in April-May and this downtrend took it all away again. I wasn’t expecting this much downfall, all of my altcoins fell head on. If I was in btc, then the loss would not have been that much. So, a balance is needed. Never be over confident that the coin you are holding is going to good already. Always prepare for the worst too and hold some percentage of your portfolio in BTC too.


Bitcoin is a store of value and Ethereum is currency. Comparing the 2 is like comparing a bar of gold and a US Dollar. Its OK to keep your wealth in gold but it is not much good to buy a cup of coffee.


Right but ethereum is more than a currency now. More than few hundreds of coins are now being launched and managed on its blockchain. We can almost call it the FUEL which is required to run more than 50% of crypto currencies.


Yes. ethereum networks like mothers make hundreds of coins. I hope there is another network as ethereum’s strong competitor, so that values, changes and improvements always exist in the ethereum network. maybe the Eos network will move faster.


Yes, Ethereum is the main platform now, because many projects are located on it. But any new platform can get a great success if it gets better. We must see this earlier than others in order to use the opportunity.


EOS is already faster than Ethereum network and there is no scaling problem too, at least till now. There are not many coins on it but there will be in future. Btw NEP-5 is good and there are many coins already built on Neo network. Wait for sometime, when NEP-7 will launch, it’ll be much much better than any present blockchain network.


New coins hesitate in going to other blockchains becshse they knowmkst of the people are used to to use ethereum wallets only. There are people who don’t even know that there are other blockchains too, for them, every coin can be stored on ethereum wallet.

For example- xDac. They launched there coin on ethereum network solely for the same reason but now they have migrated to eos network and they are given clear instructions on how to switvh your old coins to new coins so that even newbies don’t lose anything who only earned xDac from airdrop or bounties.


bitcoin the key bitcoin of all tokens and coins


I am seriously astonished that bitcoin and Ethereum price decreasing instead of increasing. So i am taking decide to hold all of my altcoins instead of selling my altcoins.


Really bitcoin is kings of all coins but leaxcoin also will get much popularity
and perform very well


This is a bear market and until the correction cycle has completed, we are not going anywhere 10k price of btc. So hold yoou good picks for now and sell them only when we get bull run, whenever that may be.


right you should not sell now wait you will get better price for holding
current falling is buying opportunity


Yes you are absolutely right now price is dumping than 4 days ago… Now Bitcoin and Ethereum price falling again… Yet falling today i sell 2 Eth for argent need.


We need to have patience to wait out market fluctuations and sell only with profit. Only then can we develop excellent investors in ourselves.


Blockchain technology, for all its controversy, has an increasing impact on the world and is used in an increasing number of social processes.


I think many people hold the bitcoins because bitcoin’s price will be more expensive in the future,
bitcoins be considered as new digital gold and digital asset, bitcoins can protect their whealty from inflation
so they hold bitcoins for long time.


I think people saving bitcoins right now .but it is the best time for us to buy more bitcoins and wait for its time that its price will goes up again.


I think that currently Bitcoin holds more hope . I will choose Bitcoin. It will be beneficial for me.