10 Reasons to hold Bitcoin


Transactions are fast and fees are low. In particular, the transaction fees for largish international (and national) transactions are low and the transfer time is typically about one to two hours. This compares to the multi-day settlement time for international transactions.


Even that one or two hour is there because bitcoin is famous and is being used by almost every crypto trader around the globe. Just think that if some of the people were using some other currency instead of bitcoin then traffic on bitcoin blockchain would be low and transaction would settle within seconds or sometimes in minutes. There are hundreds of reasons to hold bitcoin.


The reason I keep BTC is that I love BTC. Because I can make money from BTC


I have seen many people make money from the electronic money market and I want to try my luck


Of course you can. This is bear market. Just buy some and hold until the market recovers.

Before jumping into the market, try to learn the basics otherwise you’ll lose instead of gaining. Just a simple advice.


You try to hold a coin that is definitely like BTC. if you are experienced, you can look for other coins that you think are good.


Does anyone hold a coin to make a profit, or are you just for fun? Do you have other coins held?


Knowledge of market and experience are two important things to choose good coins. We shouldn’t gamble and take chances with coins without any research.


Right, only a matter of seconds your money will profit or lose. the key is learned, follow the development of the coin and be patient.


Yeah, patience is another one of the important qualitiy which we should possess to make gains in this market. I forgot to mention this earlier :stuck_out_tongue:


heheheh … often asking friends to get coins information is also the best step in choosing coins.


yeah, you say right. It is the right time to buy crypto coin . and hold ,then you get much better profit . So hold on.


yes bitcoin is a great future. If you hold bitcoin you will get big profit by trading .So buy more and trading.


my reason to hold bitcoin is first i am a lover of crypto currency and i like to invest in new businesses so i buy bitcoin when it comes down to hold for long
i also buy new coin my recent buy VLR VALOREM 1000000 VLR TO HOLD LONG


Buy low and sell high and you can’t get lower price anywhere else than in bar market. So this is the perfect opportunity.


Its good to invest in new businesses but earlier you were asking about the opinions of others about valorem and you already have agood amount worth $24k. Why asking after taking the action. research should be done before you take any action.

btw you must be very very rich if you already hold a coin worth 24k which hasn’t even proved itself in the market. I wonder why are you doing a bounty campaign :stuck_out_tongue:


BTCis not honey this is diamond coin
this coin will shine destiny if bought at right time at right price


yes i am holder not early seller i holding BTC ETH NGC EOS IOTA POLY MTC VLR


i have only 0.4 btc but i will not sell this amount i hold this for long because i think bitcoin will go up
and give me profit
if btc will come $3000-4000 then i will buy more


Always buy when market goes down.

btw what is your approx portfolios value if you don’t mind me asking?