10 Reasons to hold Bitcoin


Never ever sell in bear market and this time is worst of all I think. Wait for the right market conditions and maybe you’ll make a gain. Good Luck :slight_smile:


Yes, there are many reasons to hold bitcoin. Every person want to rich, And the bitcoin will make this person rich. The bitcoin price increase and decrease. If you buy bitcoin low price and hold ,few day ,or few month you get huge profit from bitcoin, Bitcoin will many people had benefits the high value of currency,


Buy low and sell high, make profits in between. If you can’t keep an eye on the market and the news regarding crypto then buy low, hold for few months or at least an year and sell at bull market. Profits Guaranteed.


I believe it is a good time to consider buying when the sentiment is low, when we are well below the historical all-time high and when the current price


yes. BTC is a honey coin, always a lot of enthusiasts. This coin always gives the best value to its users.
For some reason, BTC is at the mine every day but it doesn’t run out, and its value is always stable.


The strength of the hand does not come, great desire but no purchasing power. Itchy hands see all coins very cheap.


yes. now it’s time for great investment, buy coins with a good ranking on the CMC. it’s the best choice so as not to get stuck in traffic on the road.


Yes, agree. Since april, ive already get 13k reward (ico price) i hope at the year end bull will come and this 13k turn to 130k or even 1.3m yeyeye


but until now, the status of bitcoin is still confusing, between being a short-term exchange tool or to become a long-term investment because this certainly also has a very high risk for investors.

on the other hand, bitcoin also has advantages for short traders.


Yes, our experience today is our success in the future, but sometimes experience comes through losses and it hurts.


Yes, we must invest in high risks and in traditional ways, this will help to save our capital from losses.


Its the mothercoin or like I say the king of crypto currencies. If it dies, there won’t be crypto anymore. Simple as that.


Those won’t give you high gains. Those coins have already matured enough. If you want high gains, look for micro and mini cap with good tech and a team which is keen on development.


I know that. I have lost almost all of my invested amount which I invested at the peak of the market. It hurts but it’ll teach you hard lessons.

Yeah. Look for good mini and micro cap here which have potential to give manifold gains. Also invest in traditional ways to absorb the shock of the bear market.


we don’t know what happened tomorrow, lots of good predictions. Hopefully the 2017 events will come back, and you will become the Brunei Sultan 2


Hi Meta.
for the current condition BTC is only a short-term trading tool, to save a long time there are still many who doubt.


13k, that’s really nice. I’m in loss and just trying to make out for that. Hopefully in next bull market, I’ll be able to get some gains and you’ll get your 1.4 million :smiley:


hahahah … laughing for next year hopefully better. can only hope!


I don’t want a mother like that, there are so many children. if her mother rises, her child always doesn’t take it up. The child is always told to come down.


here, we can’t do anything unless more fiat to crypto exchanges are opened worldwide, dominance of bitcoin will not reduce and market will always be dependent on Bitcoin.