10 Reasons to hold Bitcoin


correct. if I’m Bitcoin as a momentary investment. quickly accept quickly sell, for the sake of the kitchen


That’s right, Bitcoin is a very good investment! Many people can become very rich if they invest in Bitcoin into a long time.


Yes, but it needs patience. You can’t expect to be rich overnight and believe me being patient is the hardest thing to do. People bought bitcoin for just 30 cents in 2009 and 2010. When it became 3$, they were getting 10 times of their invested amount. I’m sure 98% people can’t resist themselves from selling at that point but those who became millionaires were the ones who still believed that it would g much higher and resisted the temptation to sell and eventually they were rewarded with more than 1000x gain.


maybe BTC is my investment. besides the coin, there are still many coins worthy of investment but I still don’t dare.


There is a saying if we want to pursue our dreams, namely “everything must be extreme”. The point is to try extreme, and pray extreme. I as a bounty hunter sometimes motivated the word. if for investment, you must have a lot of experience, capital and patience, don’t use the saying.


You take good decisions when you have good experience and it is 100% true that experience comes through bad decisions made by you.

You don’t enjoy your success with heart unless you know how failure feels or unless you have experienced failure in your life.

But of course, don’t risk everything in the beginning.


You have explained very well and I agree with you . People are supposed to make investments in Bitcoins for the years not for the months to become rich.


for beginners and have a little money, I really recommend that you invest in alcoins other than bitcoin, because altcoins will give you a fold advantage over bitcoin. before it’s too late and sorry hehe, because no one knows when an altcoin that costs 1 usd becomes 10-100 usd, isn’t that a big opportunity?


But no one knows it either that an altcoin which cost 1 usd now, may cost only 1 cent in just one month. Altcoins are more volatile than bitcoin. You never know in which direction the price will move.


that is, humans are always different, the word patience always has a limit. when negative market sentiment came down prices and finally panic sales.


yes im agree with you, sometimes people will get accident and need much money immidietly, so they sold their assets


hit and run tactics can also be used, when you get tokens to sell immediately and leave. so it doesn’t matter what the next token value goes down. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Im using this tactic last year, ive lost about 20k dollar in value, ive sell my assets before Q4 last year, and after that im decide to not selling any coin/token from bounty reward, i dony wanna lose more money


Actually that “sometime” is now a days most of the times. for example, almost all bounty hunters do that it hurts the project in the market and also the investors. After going down, price doesn’t recover easily.

If you panic very easily, this market is not for you.


A little research is needed. To hold any coin, you must never buy it at its all time high because you won’t ever get benefit from it. if you like some project, then wait for the dip and accumulate and then hold it until you get your desired gain. Sell some percentage to get the invested money back and hold the rest because anything can happen in future.


wooow. 20 thousand missing. risk like that, I’m sure it will be replaced again. the best teacher experience for us.


as a bounty hunter, I am getting excited about collecting various coins. Not from investment but from bounty results, with the hope that dreams will materialize


Yes, like that, we take the results and invest again. logic is easy but it’s hard to do it. :berpikir::berpikir:


Im not selling my reward since April, i already have 11k usd in ico price, but if im selling it now, its value just 2k++ usd, so ill choose to waiting bull run , i hope it coming soooooon


Thats a big amount. I’m nearby btw :wink: I have also lost enough but learned a lot too I hope.

Would you tell us what coins are you planning to collect?