10 Reasons to hold Bitcoin


Today, many people are afraid of the latest correction in the cryptocurrency market. I understand them but in my opinion there are still many reasons to hold Bitcoin, and I want to share with you 10 of them.

  1. The adoption of Bitcoin continues to grow. There are more and more companies that want to accept Bitcoin and work with it.
  2. You don’t lose money unless you sell.
  3. Institutional investors start investing in cryptocurrency. (Goldman Sachs supported Mobile Bank Circle to acquire Poloniex. Mastercard, New York Life Insurance Company, and CIBC have invested in Digital Currency Group.
  4. This is still only a small portion of wise investors pouring money into it (maybe 10 to 30% of the US population).
  5. US legislators are moving towards a positive attitude in managing crypto currencies.
  6. Selling Bitcoin in it is low what whales want from you to make money for them.
  7. Right now, there are too many jumpers like Mt Gox and too much FUD news but the crypto market is always recovering after a few dumps.
  8. The US or China are not interested in banning cryptocurrency because if they do this, other countries will adopt it and win. Most likely, the government also wants to buy Bitcoin but at a lower price.
  9. Crypto market gain upright chart scale starting from the third quarter of the last few years.
  10. Bitcoin millionaires become millionaires because they hold it for years, not months.

What are your reasons for holding Bitcoin?


For long term investment. If Id be given 1 million dollars, id buy all for bitcoin and work on trading. Bitcoin frequently fluctuates in big differences which I notice for easy trading. This is a good read and some of your reasons are exactly the same as mine.


Not only hodl, for bitcoin ive regularly buy, ive buy 0.01 to 0.03 every month, ive believe bitcoin is the best saving for me :slight_smile:
I hope bitcoin future will be bright, all my hope is for bitcoin :slight_smile:


We hold bitcoin as we perceive it has intrinsic value which creates demand among users. However, I believe in the technology, blockchain technology more than bitcoin. It just happened that Bitcoin has been part of it. In time, this innovation will disrupt various industries or a more efficient and effective manner of transacting.


bitcoin will killing bank in the near future, i believe in near future bank will making a strategic move to fight with bitcoin and also alts, and at the end bitcoin will be the winner


Yeah, but better yet they adopt what blockchain tech can bring on the banking industry instead of fighting against it and resist for any change as this will tear them down. Blockchain technology can give effective and efficient solutions to the banking and enterprise operations.


oh yeah, im 100% agree with you, sometime im thinking about satoshi nakamoto, maybe hes just a part of banking system project hahahha


Yes, of course, many people are afraid of fluctuations in the crypto currency market and this is the main reason why they do not want to work with Bitcoin. But there are also a lot of investors who believe in Bitcoin and blocking technology. And every day, these people are becoming more and more. I also believe in Bitcoin and its future and use it as a long term investment.


I agree with your opinion.
in my opinion, banks must adopt crypto coins someday, it is also based on most crypto users in various countries. not difficult for banks, only the payment instruments are changed.


Thats not difficult, but bank will lose their income source from transfering money if they adopt blockchain to their banking system, its quite a dilemma for bank institution


Yeah, there might be some points at which there will losses for banks, but on the other hand, current losses due to theft, fraud etc. can be helped with the blockchain technology since it gives a more transparent operations and more auditable environment. No one can deny what’s on the public ledger unlike the current processes inside the banking instituitions. Plus, this will be a great help to governments, for taxes. However, DPA should be greatly considered especially its clients.


if in my opinion, only the technology has changed to Blockchain. if the mechanism is fixed, for transfers, savings have ADM fees, and credit too. all the data is stored in a very flexible Blockchain


yes. losses often occur due to theft, or in a loan due to lack of analysis to the borrower. blockchain entry in my opinion will only change the transaction process better.


There is no doubt, future of bitcoin is bright. Good that you’re buying that much btc every month, it’ll pay you handsomely in future. yeah, its the best saving but risky too.


With blockchain, every transaction can be easily traced, so there is no chances of hidden transactions which will reduce the chances of theft plus. Transactions will be cheaper and safer which will ultimately reduce losses.


Yes, investing in cryptocurencies is very risky, thats why im also buy stocks and investing on traditional ways


maybe not cheaper, thats no point for bank if they can take fee from us, but yes, transaction will be more transparant and fast with blockchain tech


bitcoin is just one of the valuable currencies, when I personally won’t hold bitcoin, but will hold the altcoin.
for example, I have 100 USD, so I would prefer to buy ripple, doge, eos etc, instead of buying bitcoin, because when the price goes up, it will be more profitable when holding an altcoin, because the quantity is much different than holding bitcoin.
and for people who like to hold bitcoin it doesn’t matter, I don’t ban it, it’s just my opinion, because everyone has different interests.


Well, you are entitled for your opinion and I think the same. If you want to buy some crypto and forget about it for a few years then bitcoin is the best but for short term, alts will give more gains than bitcoin. However, in the long run, nothing can beat bitcoin.


People can make their future financially secure by investing in Bitcoin for long term. Bitcoin is a mode for investment, saving and even earning more money. And people believe that Bitcoin will make them rich with little effort.